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Best Way to use Makeup

Make-ups are all products like foundation, concealer, eye liner, mascara, lipstick, lip liner, powder and eye shadow. Although every woman is concerned about how she looks, but everyone is very different the perfect make-up for you will be effortless once you choose carefully from the products the right shade for your skin tone and hair colour to create a look that´s made to measure for your own complexion. Another good news is that make-up can be used to enhance everyone´s features you´ll still look like you but more beautiful. This area will contribute special dimensions to your appearance including professional make-up skills and tools.

You can find them in tinted, liquid, powders and creams, rich and moisturising. They smooth on easily and offer a natural looking coverage of your skin. Application should be after freshly moisturised skin. To make sure you have a perfect base first use cosmetic sponge to apply your foundation, application should be in dots then blend each one with cosmetic sponge followed by damped sponge then squeeze out the excess moisture this method will help to prevent the sponge from soaking up too much foundation, but don´t forget to blend for a good finish and give all angles of your face a final check in the mirror to make sure you haven´t got any unnatural lines. See the products from Calvin Klein, Lancňme and Sue Devitt.

These are fast and effective way to hide blemishes, pimples, fine lines around your eyes, under- eye darkness and scars to that your skin can look perfect. There are in creams, sticks and liquid the better way to apply is before or after foundation. The application after foundation is the best as it´s only applied to specific areas without disturbing when the foundation was being applied.

You will love it! There the make up artist´s close friend. They work to make your skin look wonderful and gives a super smooth sheen to your skin, they absorbs oils from your skin which helps to prevent shiny patches appearing on your skin and also to conceal open pores on your skin. Try to choose correctly the right shade for your skin-tone for a natural effect.

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