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Posted by max

1/6/2007 4:52:00 PM

URL : http://www.kirf.org
Country :UK
  City :
Comments :Pakistan is building up nicely. we have lot of young men to get even better.
Posted by Hizb-ullah khan

4/4/2005 11:13:00 PM

URL : http://
Country :Pakistan
  City :
Comments :Folks,if we can sort out our ego problems and play for our country,then we can win against any opposition.There is very small difference of skill at this level which can be bridged by commitment
Posted by kamran

3/24/2005 11:12:00 AM

URL : http://
Country :pakistan
  City :
Comments :Hi guys.Our team is still a good team.When they play for a win they won it.i think that bowling coach will be waqar younis and imran nazir will be ply in next matches.
Posted by saqib riaz

9/18/2004 10:49:00 AM

URL : http://jhelumonline.com
Country :pakistan
  City :
Comments :asalm o alikum all.The real problem of our cricket team is not belongs to 2 our coaach our players and our board.the real problem is in ourselves.whenevr we try to remove our problem(the problem u know our politics,our moralatiy,our honesty,e.t.c)the crickters are belongs from us .there 4 one should not blame only cricketers he has to judged his self 2.kindly take note tht ist of all we have to estimate our selves tht wht we have done in past wht we will thinking 4 our future.thx
Posted by Zubair

8/6/2004 12:47:00 PM

URL : http://
Country :pakistan
  City :
Comments :Hi guys.Our team is still a good team.When they play for a win they won it.I think shoaib akhtar should be out of the team
Posted by Hussain Khambaty

8/5/2004 4:39:00 AM

URL : http://
Country :Pakistan
  City :
Comments : Well!I'm here to deliver you some special arts of our Pakistan cricket team.Our Pakistan Cricket Team has a lot of problems.First of all their is a problem of a coach,and that's,i think,the major problem.Sometimes it is Javed Miandad, sometimes it is Richard Pybus,sometimes it is Bob Woolmer & sometimes whoever.The coach musn't be changed regularly.There must be a fixed coach,atleast for one year or more. Second problem is that of Captaincy. No one really is so good for captaining the side.The other problem is that Pakistani side should not be trusted,because when they are in mood they wins the game and when not in the mood they loses very badly and when they loses then they lose the other 3 or 4 games.And many more problems.And the other main problem is that the bowlers don't know their job very well.They don't know how to bowl line & length.And disappointedly for us, no coach has been succeeded in telling them what is line & length.They really have to improve & work hard.Not work hard in bowling fast & wide like Shoaib Akhtar & Mohammad Sami who only thinks about the pace not the line.They bowls so widely that they think they'll only get wickets from an outside age.They actually don't know they'll also but rather get more wickets in bowling wicket to wicket just like the other team's bowlers.But this they will never understand.They are------ .Well what to say more.That's what i wanted to say. If anyone doesn't agree inform me to shining_star_52@hotmail.com . Thanks, BYE.
Posted by Muhammad Nouman

4/29/2004 1:06:00 PM

URL : http://
Country :pakistan
  City :
Comments :Whatever we say , pakistan has lost the games! our team has always turned our faces down.! They ae guilty, this is not an emotional flow , this is fact.They should realise their duties and play sincerely.Thanking you , with the thinking that pakistanis would again do better to forget another defeat against india.


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