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Posted by Armaghan Butt

5/21/2006 10:18:00 AM

URL : http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Pakprofessionals/
Country :UK
  City :
Comments :I agree that public tranport is a big issue in the city, i dont think it would have improved since i have left the country. Another issue which needs to be brought to light is continous, planned elimination of playing grounds from the city. Mr S Rasheed who calls himself the sirsyed Ahmed of PINDI, thinks that the way forward to improve education is not to invest in teacher training and better incentives but to build a school building in every existing park in the city and then name one of its block as S R block. i think people of the city need to resist this rediculous spending spree of tax payers money and save the eductaion system and the play grounds both
Posted by Zafar Naqvi

5/18/2006 10:41:00 AM

URL : http://
Country :Pakistan
  City :
Comments :Assalam-o-Alaikum, all of the readers of this site. First of all let me thank to "Pindi On-Line” that has provided this facility to us to speak out something about our own city. I have almost read out all the discussions have already been posted here. Most of them are of Traffic. I would like to draw your attention to following of the points as well. As these issues are very common and we do not even think about them. 1. Traffic a. One of my friends has already mentioned that we do not follow the traffic rules. That is absolutely right. b. If you think honestly, don’t we just ask our younger brother or nephew to sit on the driving seat and let him learn how to drive a Car or Motorcycle? Do we really think that we are violating the rules by ourselves? c. Don’t we throw out the stuff from running cars and we do not stop our children by throwing any thing out of the window/on the roads. d. When ever we park our car, do we see that we are parking it in parking area OR we are not disturbing others? e. We always think “assan ke ki lagay” 2. Big Nalays a. Big Nalays are seem like river is running in it’s swing. b. We throw big shopper of garbage in these Nalas because we want to keep our house clean. c. We always ask government to provide all facilities to us, we do not make a cemented cover for only the portion that is coming in front of our house. d. When we construct/renovate our houses, do we really care about what will happen to the street OR if something happened to it, we claim government to patch the road again. e. We make it difficult for other to come in to that area where construction is going on. f. What we think, if it is hurting anyone. “sanu ki? “ 3. Small Nalays a. I have seen almost all the NALAYs next to houses are left without any jali or any cover, that allows garbage to come in and stay there permanently. We even do not think that all this will help mosquitoes to breed-up and other deceases to spread easily. That can effect their own kids. b. If they found blockage in that NALI, they just pickup some big stuff from it and kept it in front of the NALI. All these big issues are telling us that the problem is not of the system, we just need to be careful that we are not creating problems for others OR we are providing ease to others. We just need to start caring about others’; all the system will get change automatically in our favour. AND top of that; It is something not new to us, Allah says: “You take care of others; Allah will take care of yourself”
Posted by Nadia Ali

4/29/2005 11:44:00 AM

URL : http://
Country :Pakistan
  City :
Comments :Asalamu-o-Alikum, I am Nadia Ali student in QAU. I would like to notify your attention on one of current problem regarding others Bus/Van transport services and route setup and it is duty of our Government that reduce the rent ratio and settle the proper routes along with proper system.
Posted by Raza Abbas

4/28/2005 11:31:00 AM

URL : http://
Country :Pakistan
  City :
Comments :Asalamu-o-Alikum, Please note the following. you know better VARAN Bus service stopped now so please remove its routes detail from your website. Thanks.
Posted by Maria Khan

2/24/2005 1:57:00 PM

URL : http://
Country :Pakistan
  City :
Comments :Hi, I am Maria Khan student in QAU. It’s wonderful that VARAN Bus Service stopped now. Because within two months 15 young person died in accident with VARAN. Total in responsibility of VARAN Drivers. 2ndly note that now others VAN Service will start but it is duty of our Government that reduce the rent ratio and settle the proper routes.
Posted by Shahid

10/31/2004 6:56:00 PM

URL : http://
Country :UK and Pakistan
  City :
Comments :AS an overseas pakistani and a regular visitor to Pakistan, I notice no one observes the basic road rules. I see a major imrovments on the GT road and on other main highways ever sinec teh new Highway Patrol have been put in force, heavy fines should be impsoed witha new road traffic police department whereas they impose strict rules and heavy fines- this is the only way I thik yu can get people to at least abide by the basic traffic rules.
Posted by Salman

8/29/2004 3:19:00 AM

URL : http://
Country :Pk
  City :
Comments :surely the traffic conditions r in serious conditions here, specially on rawal road and now those roaring varans on it...


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