Invitation for Expression of Interest (EOI)

Advertise Alternate Energy Devices/Implements

And introduce your products to Pakistani Market at no cost

 Dear Sir: 

This has reference to our earlier communication concerning the above subject. 

We are pleased to inform you that based on the inputs received from participants, the project has been re-defined as follows: 

1.         Project Title      :           Alternate Energy Technology Services Village Islamabad,


            2.         Location           :           Twenty minutes drive from Islamabad Airport with

                                                            convenient access.           

3.         Present Status   :           Site is ready for necessary work with structures

                                                already in place. 

4.         Objectives           

4.1.      Promote alternate energy devices in general and solar energy applications in particular by introducing operating installations pertaining to urban, rural and industrial applications. 

4.2.          Offer short alternate energy related on- site elementary courses             using actual operating modules and audio/video aids in English as well as local languages. 

4.3.          Provide preliminary technical assistance if and when desired by visitors introducing prospective vendors and suppliers. 

4.4.          Provide training facilities concerning utility and assembly/ maintenance of simple p v devices to visitors with little or no education. Items such as solar battery chargers/lamps, solar powered devices for operating radios, computers, etc to be introduced using easy to assemble kits wherever available. 

4.5.     Initiate limited research programme initially aimed at data collection and cataloging concerning technologies, vendors/suppliers, etc.

             5.         Participants: 

5.1.      The project envisages participation by local/international organizations, businesses, dealers, research/educational entities who are willing to install at our site operating alternate energy modules at their cost as donation.

5.2.      In return, participants will receive free distribution of their

catalogues, leaflets, etc and shall be provided space for on-site

advertising of their products.

5.3.     On-site space for demonstration units/devices will be provided free

of cost. 

5.4.      Alternate energy related orientation and/or training material in the form of hard copies, audio/video cassettes, books, etc donated by any or all participants will be most helpful.              .

 Should this project be of interest to you, please get in touch to obtain more details as soon as possible.


(Sardar Ali)
(Marketing Manager)



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